Broke Past 150 – 5/30/17

This morning I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on the scale and it no longer said 151… It said 148! Whoop whoop whoop! I’m so happy, especially since I haven’t made it to the gym since my last failed arm workout. I have been going for walks with the baby and puppy whenever the weather is nice enough, but I haven’t done much else beyond that. My diet has included a lot of spinach salads featuring the turkey and grapes/strawberries left over from my little sister’s grad party last week, so maybe that helped. But basically, carb cycling has not been a thing for me recently. I also haven’t been unintentionally intermittently fasting. My schedule just hasn’t quite worked out that way. The baby is changing her sleep patterns right now so everything is a little bit different.

As for my original goal… Can I drop 13 pounds by June 19? Anything is possible, although medically I don’t think it’s recommended. I will really have to step up my game in the gym or home workouts to make my goal. My current excuses basically revolve around how the baby is not sleeping as well as she used to. She doesn’t fall asleep as easily and doesn’t stay asleep consistently, so the chance of having an arm workout event happening again where I get called home because baby girl is screaming and won’t go back to sleep are fairly high. I’ve also enjoyed spending time with my husband watching a show or a movie at night before bed. I think it’s helped our relationship a lot. So basically I will have to take full advantage of slow times at work to make sure I get down to the gym and put in some time there whenever I can.


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