Monday, 5/15 Leg Workout

After not visiting the gym in a long time, I finally made the trek there last night and did a leg workout. I’ll admit, it was not the best leg workout and I have plenty of excuses for why. But I will instead just focus on doing better next time.


10 minute warm up on treadmill

3 sets to failure of Seated Leg Press, going up in weight each time (started pretty light)

3 sets of Leg Extensions

3 sets of Seated Hamstring Curls

3 sets of Glute Pushback machine thing

3 sets of Back Extensions

Finished off with more time on the treadmill.

My back has been hurting lately. I’m not sure if it’s because my body is out of balance or just because I carry a baby around a lot because sometimes she just won’t nap unless I’m holding her and she’s a real bear when she doesn’t nap. Regardless, I would like to fix that.


I checked my weight this morning after I woke up. I am at 151.4 pounds. Yay, almost one whole pound down from the last check in. I’m going to make an effort to go to the gym more, either at work or after the baby goes to sleep. At the very least I can do some home workouts because I know this last bit of weight I want to lose is going to require a bit more effort.


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