I Did It!

I worked out again!

It was only 20 minutes on the elliptical at work, but I did it. Hoooraw! My work is so nice in that they provide a gym, a nice locker room and showers. I needed that shower because I was a sweaty gross mess and I also had not washed my hair in ages and the dry shampoo was really not cutting it anymore.

I also took the baby and the puppy for a walk after getting home from work and also discovered that baby loves squats. She was all grumpy, crying on and off even though I had just changed her diaper and fed her. Then I started doing squats while holding her in front of me and she loooooved it. Giggled every time on the way down and was just in a better mood after that. So as long as that keeps entertaining her, it looks like I’ll be doing a lot of squats in the near future.



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