Back to Life. Back to Reality.

After a week long eating vacation, it’s time to get back to it.

This declared eating vacation officially ended last Sunday. I did a terrible job of prepping food so barely ate on Monday (which was more by choice – after stuffing my face all week, I really wasn’t hungry). And then I did low carbs on Tuesday.

Yesterday I started the carb cycle at the beginning so now it’s back to real life. No more pancakes covered in syrup, pasta drenched in sauce or donuts after dinner.

I weighed myself a few nights ago. Maybe Tuesday night? And I was at 152 pounds. Not bad for a week of eating whatever I wanted.

However, I still haven’t gone to the gym. I take baby and puppy on walks whenever I can, which is basically the extent of my working out. Once the baby is in bed, the thought does cross my mind that I should go to the gym and do a quick something. But then, I quickly forget that thought and instead I get things ready for the next day, spend a little bit of time with my husband and then go to bed. I will eventually have to get back into it. And I should probably make a plan. I’ll try doing that soon. SOON!


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