Monday – High Carb Day

This is the official start day of my diet. High carbs, day 1.

I think I’ll try to weigh myself every Monday morning right after I wake up to measure progress. This morning, my weight was at 159.6 lbs, so I’m down about two pounds. Progress!

I ate my breakfast once I got to work and then went to pump about an hour and a half later. Around 10:30 I started a 30min workout on the elliptical. Throughout the whole workout I kept telling myself to take a picture of the screen afterwards so I could record the time and distance and whatever else is on there so I can track progress. But once those 30 minutes were up I was so sweaty I just said BYE and got changed and went back to work.

I did not eat all the meals in the meal plan for this day, because I didn’t really have a hard workout. I ate meals 1-3 and for meal 4 I had a ThinkThin bar, which has macros that match meal 4 pretty closely, although not as good for me. But things happen. I came home, took the baby for a 17 minute walk and after she fell asleep for the night did a super random workout of jump squats, push ups, these leg moves, lunges, jumps, core exercises 1-3 from the diastasis post. And then I ate a banana. Now I think I’m going to go to bed.


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