Core Exercises for Diastasis Recti – Ab Separation

Exercises to repair separation of ab muscles. I thought I was at 2 finger widths apart around my belly button, but I checked again the other day and it seemed smaller. I’d been randomly doing vacuums, and I guess it helped. I’ll keep going with these exercises  from Melissa Bender to keep building up that ab strength.

Keep core engaged. Once I can comfortably do one of these exercises to completion (20 times), move on to the next. If back arches up, that’s a no no and there is no moving on.

  1. Heel slides @ 7:46
  2. Table top heel slides @ 11:05
  3. Table top heel taps @ 15:18
    • Both knees up, tap one heel down at a time
  4. Double leg lower @ 17:46
    1. Go as low as I can without back arching
  5. Transverse ab engagement @ 19:42 (can do this whenever, no progression needed)
  6. Pelvic tilt @ 22:52
  7. Pelvic bridge @ 25:16
  8. Reverse plank @ 27:24

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